Salty Dagger
    Chaos Theory


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    The balance of light and dark, of hardship and bliss. Just as the sun and warmth may come as a gift, the other side of the coin has gifts that are just as important. Ones that may push you towards growing, healing and learning; let this ring remind you that hardships are just as important as times full of love and joy... That everything can be in the form of a gift as long as we always look at it as so. Asking yourself how best to use this gift, whether positive or negative, you'll always find a way to thrive, step forward with a glimmer of hope and look back with gratitude. Not everything is as it seems ;). This ring is embedded with a small Onyx stone.


    Product Category: Rings
    Retail Price: $96.07
    Brand: Salty Dagger
    Condition: Hardly worn, no signs of wear

    Magill SA 5072, Australia